Compare the teachings of The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society to the truth of God's Holy word, The Bible. Click on the links below.


Core Differences - Core differences between the Bible and what the Watchtower Organization teaches.

A Closer Walk - Watchtower says you can draw close to God, but He has a spiritual body and cannot actually be here.

Seeds of Control - Are the two seeds mentioned in Gen. 3:15 separate organizations? Watchtower twists Scripture to control their people.

Jehovah Lives Where? - Once upon a time the Watchtower taught that Jehovah lived eternally in the star cluster Paleides. 

Whose Star Was It? - Was the star that lead the Magi to Jesus placed there by Satan, or God?

Jesus’ Divinity - Do ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’ believe in the Jesus of the Bible?

Jesus’ Humanity - Was Jesus raised as a spirit-creature or with His own body? 

Christ’s Origin? - Does Micah 5:2 teach Jesus was created?

The Ransom - Part 1 - Is the Ransom sufficient, or are you required to obey a Governing Body for salvation?

The Ransom - Part 2 - What do ‘Jehovah's Witnesses’ believe "ransom for all" means?

The Ransom - Part 3 - What value does the Watchtower place on Jesus' death? Was He made like you and me?

That's The Spirit!That's The Spirit! - Is holy spirit a thing or an it? Or, is the Holy Spirit the Almighty God Who is intimately involved with the church, the bride of Christ, to bring glory and praise to the name of Jesus?

Trinity? - A Christian response to the Watchtower’s book, “Should You Believe in the Trinity?”

Three Gods? - WT President tells JWs they are obligated to expose a false teaching Trinitarians don’t even believe.

Salvation? - Who then can be saved? Are we saved by works, or does works follow salvation?

Salvation Compared - Is salvation earned by works or is it by God’s grace?

Time To Worship! - Is Jesus to be worshipped?

Awake Promise Awake magazine says God promises peaceful world before people of 1914 generation die.

The End 1914 - Charles Russell's false prophesies of 1914. How many of these 'established by God' events occurred in 1914?

Beth-Sarim - Watchtower builds mansion for soon returning Old Testament saints to rule in San Diego.

This Generation - The 1914 generation had passed. WT changes meaning of ‘generation’ to extend time of the end.

Lost In Translation - Is the Watchtower’s New World Translation trustworthy?

Want Children?-Wait- Watchtower advise youth to delay marriage/having children till after Armegeddon.

Greater or Better? - Does Jesus saying,"My Father is greater than I" mean that Jesus isn't God?

My God Will Come! - Will God actually come and stand on the Mount of Olives? JWs say, “No.”

Taking Blood? - Is God uncertain about whether or not JWs must refuse blood transfusions?

Truth From Satan? - Should we accept truth from Satan? Did Jesus? Did Charles Taze Russell?

Resurrection - Watchtower denies any teaching that says Jesus was raised physically from the dead as being scriptural.

The Great Chasm - Is there really a great chasm separating comforted Lazarus and the tormented Rich Man after they died?

Beyond The Grave - Does Ecclesiastes 9 contradict Jesus’ promise in John 2 that He would resurrect His own body?

Do You Believe? Only once a year JWs commemorate the death of Jesus but no one partakes of the bread and wine. Why not?

Millions - Funny poem - failed prophesy/1925 Abraham and others would be resurrected (word and audio)




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