Compare the teachings of Mormonism to the truth of God's Holy word, The Bible. Click on the links below.


Core Differences - Core differences between the Bible and Mormonism.

Good News! - Some Biblical verses to share with Mormons.

A Brief History - A list of key events in Mormonism.

Gospels Compared - The Mormon “gospel” compared to the true Gospel.

Doctrines Compared - Topics: Salvation, God, Jesus and Humanity.

The Rod of Iron - Does the story of “The Rod of Iron” in the Book of Mormon represent the true Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Joseph’s Grove - Joseph Smith’s misuse of James 1:5.

Broken Promise - Total apostasy contradicts God’s promise.

LDS Atonement - How Mormons view the Atonement 

Atonement- Where? - Must we work for our salvation?

The Veil Is Torn! - There’s an important connection with the veil being torn and Jesus’ death.

Did God Create? - Mormonism: No! We are eternal and can become gods.

The Fall (Part 1) - The Fall of Adam and Eve according to Mormonism.

The Fall (Part 2) - The Fall of Adam and Eve according to the Bible.

Worthy To Enter - Do we need LDS temples to enjoy God’s presence?

Murder Forgiven? - Are there sins God cannot forgive?

Jehovah Elohim - Are these names of two separate gods?

Who Is Jesus? - Was Jesus created, or is He Creator?

Virgin Birth - Was Mary a virgin when she conceived Jesus?

Pray To Know - Is it proper to pray about the Book of Mormon?

JST Bible - Trustworthy Translation, or Deviant Addition?

Eternal Spirit - Was the Holy Spirit always God?

Abiding Spirit - Does the Holy Spirit dwell in true believers?

Salvation? - We are either fully saved through works or by grace alone.

Authority? - Who has the authority to preach the Gospel?

Book of Mormon Errors - Is the Book of Mormon the most correct book?

Who Are the Lamanites? - Principle ancestors of the American Indians?

Where’s the Bible? - Do Mormons view the Book of Mormon as having equal value to the Bible? 

JST Bible Correct? - Joseph Smith added himself into the Bible.

Race and Mormonism - Mormonism's explanation of the different races has to do with whether one was valiant or not in a preexistence. 

Humanity - Did we pre-exist and are able to progress to become gods?

It's In The DNA - Does science prove Lamanites are American Indians?


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