Compare the teachings of The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society to the truth of God's Holy word, The Bible. Click on the links below.


Core Differences - Core differences between the Bible and what the Watchtower Organization teaches.

A Closer Walk - Watchtower says you can draw close to God, but He has a spiritual body and cannot actually be here.

Seeds of Control - Are the two seeds mentioned in Gen. 3:15 separate organizations? Watchtower twists Scripture to control their people.

Jehovah Lives Where? - Once upon a time the Watchtower taught that Jehovah lived eternally in the star cluster Paleides. 

Whose Star Was It? - Was the star that lead the Magi to Jesus placed there by Satan, or God?

Jesus’ Divinity - Do ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’ believe in the Jesus of the Bible?

Jesus’ Humanity - Was Jesus raised as a spirit-creature or with His own body? 

Christ’s Origin? - Does Micah 5:2 teach Jesus was created?

The Ransom - Part 1 - Is the Ransom sufficient, or are you required to obey a Governing Body for salvation?

The Ransom - Part 2 - What do ‘Jehovah's Witnesses’ believe "ransom for all" means?

The Ransom - Part 3 - What value does the Watchtower place on Jesus' death? Was He made like you and me?

That's The Spirit! - Is holy spirit a thing or an it? Or, is the Holy Spirit Almighty God Who desires a relationship with you?

Trinity? - A Christian response to the Watchtower’s book, “Should You Belive in the Trinity?”

Three Gods? - WT President tells JWs they are obligated to expose a false teaching Trinitarians don’t even believe.

Salvation? - Who then can be saved? Are we saved by works, or does works follow salvation?

Salvation Compared - Is salvation earned by works or is it by God’s grace?

Time To Worship! - Is Jesus to be worshipped?

Awake Promise Awake magazine says God promises peaceful world before people of 1914 generation die.

The End 1914 - Charles Russell's false prophesies of 1914. How many of these 'established by God' events occurred in 1914?

Beth-Sarim - Watchtower builds mansion for soon returning Old Testament saints to rule in San Diego.

This Generation - The 1914 generation had passed. WT changes meaning of ‘generation’ to extend time of the end.

Lost In Translation - Is the Watchtower’s New World Translation trustworthy?

Want Children?-Wait- Watchtower advise youth to delay marriage/having children till after Armegeddon.

Greater or Better? - Does Jesus saying,"My Father is greater than I" mean that Jesus isn't God?

My God Will Come! - Will God actually come and stand on the Mount of Olives? JWs say, “No.”

Taking Blood? - Is God uncertain about whether or not JWs must refuse blood transfusions?

Truth From Satan? - Should we accept truth from Satan? Did Jesus? Did Charles Taze Russell?

Resurrection - Watchtower denies any teaching that says Jesus was raised physically from the dead as being scriptural.

The Great Chasm - Is there really a great chasm separating comforted Lazarus and the tormented Rich Man after they died?

Beyond The Grave - Does Ecclesiastes 9 contradict Jesus’ promise in John 2 that He would resurrect His own body?

Do You Believe? Only once a year JWs commemorate the death of Jesus but no one partakes of the bread and wine. Why not?

Millions - Funny poem - failed prophesy/1925 Abraham and others would be resurrected (word and audio)




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